Whether you are an experienced athlete, or are attempting your first triathlon, ironman, or ultraman, a blog is a fantastic tool to help you track your training and connect with others. Blogging is a way for others to follow you as you work to achieve your goal, allowing them to virtually be there with you during your training and your race.

If you are a professional athlete and don't have a blog, you're missing out on some serious sponsorship opportunities! It has been proven that sponsors are looking for someone who is both competitive on race day, and is an ambassador of the sport. Blogging is one way to get your love of Triathlons or Ironman out to the public while bringing them along on your journey, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. If you are a new triathlete, blogs allow your family members and friends track your progress and help them understand what you are going through to reach your goal.

At Hostyoo, 95% of our employees are sprint and olympic triathletes, and some of us have completed a half or a full Ironman. We completely understand what an athlete is looking for when it comes to blogging, so when you purchase our Triathlete Blog Plan, we will go in and install Wordpress for you, free of charge. Wordpress is number 1 in blogging software, and is a perfect base for your personal blog!
We want to take the hassle out of setting up your triathlete blog, as we know all of this can be a bit confusing. (obtaining a domain name and hosting, figuring out how to set it all up, etc.) We are offering anyone who purchases our Triathlete Amateur or Triathlete Pro hosting plan with an annual renewal a FREE DOMAIN NAME for the life your hosting here at Hostyoo! Once the order is placed, our techs will install Wordpress, get the site up and running, and provide you with all the details to help you get started. We also include our award-winning tech support for the life of your hosting with us.


So why wait? Get started with your Triathlete blog today! See you at the races!

Get 1 month free hosting and a free domain for a year when you buy an annual hosting plan
(except for Beginner Plans.)


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