Are you an independent consultant for a national company? Having your own customized e-mail address ( is the best way to send and receive email. It lets your customers know that you are serious about your business. In fact, your email address is your most important “calling card.” It lets potential clients know that you’re well-established and professional. With Hostyoo’s domain name and e-mail hosting, we can get you setup with your dream domain name ( and forward it to your independent consulting website.
Your customers will only see your address, thus making your business appear to be seamless from website entrance to checkout.  No more long, hard-to-remember domain names. Friends, family, and customers will easily remember your email and website address.

How does it work? Simple. Click one of the packages below based on your needs. You will then be able to select a domain name ( and register it. Once your order is placed, our technicians will contact you and request the information to forward your new domain name. They will also assist you in setting up your e-mail addresses, linking them to your preferred mail service (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) and teaching you how to access our webmail programs. 
Ready to take your Independent consulting business to a new level, drive new traffic, and experience financial freedom sooner?
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